Capability Building & Training

Invest in Marketing and Sales Capabilities to Drive Growth

In today’s economic climate, a business’ growth is both more important, and elusive, than ever before. The clear link between investment in marketing and sales capabilities, and a company's above-market growth, means that it is essential that companies harness the potential of marketing and sales to drive better results.


In addition to our capability training, as part of improving our clients’ marketing excellence capabilities, we also start by analysing our client’s current capabilities across the 6 key pillars shown above. We then design a programme, tailored to the clients needs to help them improve in each of these areas.


And for clients looking to improve their performance in sales and trade marketing, Certius’ improvement plan focuses on building capabilities across the above 6 pillars in order to create and sustain a long-term competitive advantage for the business.

Case Studies

Rahmani Group Empower Marketing Team

Rahmani Group’s well-known brand ‘Mani’, represents the majority of the packaged nuts and dried fruits business within the group’s food division. They had developed an aggressive growth strategy with the launch of serval new brands of various food and beverage categories. To help facilitate the new strategy, the business had recently hired a series of young, ambitious marketers who, despite their passion and a few years marketing experience, lacked a strong skills foundation.

Rahmani Group Trade Marketing Capability

Under the well-known Mani brand, Rahmani Group’s food division is the market leader in packaged nuts and dried fruit. The company did not yet have a dedicated trade marketing function, with these responsibilities failing to the marketing team to deliver. With Iran’s rapidly changing retail trade dynamics and competitive situation, manufacturers are becoming increasingly required to differentiate their plans by trade channel and in some cases by customer. To succeed, Rahmani Group realised that building a first-class trade marketing capability would be critical.

Ramak Dairy Marketing Excellence

Ramak, a leading Shiraz based dairy company, was not satisfied with the poor return on investment of its marketing spend. The business was uncertain as to whether the cause of this was a lack of skills within the marketing team, or other factors, such as marketing processes or the availability of tools and resources. Therefore, Ramak wished to improve their marketing capabilities to achieve above industry average quality and return on investment, in a location where marketing talent is difficult to hire.

Ramak Dairy Trade Marketing Capabilities

Ramak, a leading dairy company based in Shiraz, identified that it was not winning in store and with customers. Through consultation with Certius, Ramak realised that they needed to significantly improve their capabilities in shopper, channel and customer marketing. The company therefore decided to establish a specialised trade marketing department which would take ownership of these tasks.

Saman Bank Marketing Excellence

Saman Bank is a privately owned Iranian bank, whose pioneering initiatives have allowed it create real added value for its customers. By delivering services characterised by convenience, speed, and confidence, they aim to become customers’ first choice in domestic corporate & international banking. In a fast changing sector, Saman Bank recognised the need to dramatically enhance the quality and impactfulness of its marketing, to better challenge the positions of established market incumbents.

Sepahan Battery Empower Marketing

Sepahan Battery is the Iranian market leader in high-quality car batteries. Their strategy aims at pursuing strong volume growth, premium pricing, and market leadership. The company realised that in order to build further on their competitive advantage, they needed to strengthen their ability to win over not only car dealers, but also the end-user. For Sepaphan, driving business through end-user marketing was a new area of strategic value creation but had been accepted as the right strategic move for the company. To ensure success, Sepahan Battery wished to dramatically increase the capabilities of its end-user marketing team.

Sepahan Battery Trade Marketing Function

Sepahan Battery is the Iranian market leader in high-quality car batteries. Its business strategy is aimed at strong volume growth, price premium, and market leadership. Previously, the company did not have any dedicated trade marketing capabilities, and so was lacking a key element needed for sustained business success. With a track record of helping businesses build trade marketing teams, Sepahan turned to Certius for help.