Sepahan Battery Empower Marketing

Empower Marketing to Create a Bond with Car Owners

The Work
Designing & Building a Tailor Made Capability Building System

Certius approached the challenge in four distinct phases. Initially, we examined international best practice, and the idiosyncrasies of the Iranian market. This enabled us to establish the role of end-user marketing as part of Sepahan’s wider business strategy. After this, we performed a diagnosis of the company’s current marketing capabilities. We conducted interviews with managers, employees, and external stakeholders, including original equipment manufacturers, dealers, and cooperation partners. This allowed us to assess the skills and potential of current marketing personnel which we then benchmarked against required capabilities to perform a gap analysis.

Next, Certius created the optimal marketing capability system, designed to upskill the existing marketing team to meet the strategic requirements of the business. This involved outlining 15 key marketing processes, by which marketing tasks would be executed, as well as defining how to effectively integrate marketing into the whole organisation. To implement this system, Certius provided a series of training modules across a variety of marketing concepts, as well as lectures and group work on best practices. Both lectures and training modules were made more relevant to the attendees by focusing on real business problems and opportunities faced by Sepahan Battery.

The Impact
A Team Equipped to Effectively Market to Car Owners

By building its marketing capabilities, Sepahan Battery has realised that it has a tremendous opportunity to create a strong bond with car owners. The new consumer marketing team is equipped with the knowledge, resources, tools, and passion to execute this new strategy.