Saman Bank Marketing Excellence

Define a Marketing Excellence Capability System

The Work
Identifying the Need for a Marketing Function to Drive Business Success

Certius approached this challenge firstly, by analysing market conditions within the sector. In doing this, we were able to identify two key transformations within the industry:

  1. A tectonic shift in customer behaviour and channel usage, particularly mobile banking.
  2. Adjustments in the competitive landscape with the advent of new market entrants, including challenger banks and fintechs.

These transformations clearly signalled the need for Saman Bank’s marketing function to take a on a more prominent role within the company. In order to define the best form for this function, we conducted research to establish its optimal role and inform a proposed organisational structure. This included Certius conducting expert interviews, and holding workshops with international bank marketing experts, to establish global best practices. Additionally, a thorough diagnosis of Saman Bank’s current marketing capabilities was conducted, including skills assessment of the marketers. This allowed Certius to better understand and identify the key areas which should be targeted for improvement. The collective output of this work was that Certius was able to identify clear requirements for a revitalized marketing function within Saman Bank. The function would need to operate with both the capacity and capabilities to strategically and operationally drives business success. Throughout the customer journey, it would also need to take full ownership of customer and market needs analysis, strategy and activity deployment.

To inform the restructuring of Saman Bank’s marketing function, Certius produced several key deliverables, which collectively represented the blueprint for a state-of-the-art marketing department. These included:

  • An organisational organogram for the restructured marketing department; outlining key positions, job descriptions and skills profiles.
  • Clear documentation of proposed marketing processes and tools.
  • Initial department KPIs, ROI measurements.
  • Specified required deployment and execution capabilities.
  • The provision of exceptional marketing training for Saman Bank employees.
The Impact
Defining A Tailor-Made Marketing Excellence Capability System

Using research, workshops and market analysis, Certius was able to clearly define a tailor-made marketing excellence capability system. Once implemented, this system would align fully with Saman Bank’s new strategy and vision, ultimately contributing significantly to increasing enterprise value.

Morteza Hoseininezhad
Marketing and NPD Director, Saman Bank

"What makes CERTIUS different is their commitment not only to provide advice, but also to assist businesses implement internal transformations. In doing so, they are able to bring a sustainable change to any organisation that needs to enhance its marketing system."