Ramak Dairy Marketing Excellence

Make Marketing a Motor of Business

The Work
Implement A New Marketing Capabilities System

Certius began by analysing Ramak’s marketing department. This included an assessment of the team’s functional skills, as well as their organisational structure, processes, tools, and resources. Additionally, we examined the effectiveness of the current KPIs, in reflecting marketing’s contribution to the business, as well as how well the department was integrated into the rest of the organisation, particularly with regard to sales, research and development, and production. Our findings allowed us to clearly benchmark Ramak’s capabilities against international good practices and identify any competency gaps. Next, we were able to utilise our findings in designing a highly tailored marketing capability system for Ramak. This system was created to deliver against market needs and Ramak’s corporate strategy. This system also outlined the required steps to close the gaps between the business’ current capabilities and those that are required to deliver on Ramak’s high-level strategic objectives. The final part of our work was implementing the new marketing capabilities system and building on the current marketing team’s effectiveness. To accomplish this, we designed a series of training modules, based on real-life cases, about marketing strategy, brand positioning, market and consumer research, advertising, social media, packaging design, innovation, and portfolio management. In conjunction with this, we conducted staff training, which included lectures and group work on best practice case studies, getting attendees to analyse and evaluate the problems and opportunities Ramak faces in marketing and the overall business.

The Impact
An Efficient & Re-Energised Marketing Department

The result of Certius’ work is that Ramak’s marketing team has been elevated to an entirely new level. Not only have their skills and methods of working been drastically improved, but they have also been re-energised. They now have a fresh motivation and energy to be what marketing should be: a motor of business.

Mohammad Hashempur
Marketing Manager, Ramak Dairy

“Trust and training of the current marketing team by CERTIUS team have led to an increase in the strength and commitment of the marketing team. Category group managers consider themselves as owner of category business and are committed to profitability and integration of activities throughout the organization. Our marketing strategy and activities are more effective as we are using modern marketing tools, and marketing strategy that is highly flexible and consistent with business conditions.”