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We work with your business to build successful brand and marketing strategies, helping ensure your brand is successful and facilitates wider business goals, such as increased market share against local and international competitors.

Case Studies

Fouman Chimie Behdasht Brand Strategy

For over 40 years, Fouman Chimie Behdasht have been developing their range of consumer products, manufacturing these to exacting standards, in their own state-of-the-art facilities. They have established a presence in several categories across the personal care market, with their Caspian brand being the clear market leader in the Iranian hair spray category. In order to drive cross-category growth for the Caspian personal care business, FCB needed to re-define its optimum brand positioning for the Iranian market. To deliver this, FCB decided to work with the brandgym, a London-based brand agency, and Coley Portel Bell, a global design agency. The project required close cooperation and coordination between the brandgym, Coley Porter Bell, and Fouman Chimie Behdasht’s Iranian management and marketing teams. The challenge was to localise the brandgym’s and Coley Porter Bell’s work to ensure that it resonated with Iranian consumers and meets the needs of the local market.

Ramak Dairy New Mother Brand Positioning

The majority of businesses operating in the Iranian dairy market pursue a similar strategy when it comes to brand positioning. Little variation when it came to brand image, and a general lack of differentiation, lead to heavy price competition, and ultimately resulted in low profitability. Ramak, a leading Shiraz based dairy company in the south of Iran, was no exception. Their brand lacked distinct features in the minds’ of potential customers and consumers, meaning it was unable to become the preferred brand of consumers. Ramak’s challenge was to find the optimal brand positioning that would ensure the brand was able to contribute to driving sales and allow the company to achieve a price premium.

Ramak Dairy Category Strategy

Ramak, a Shiraz based dairy company, had identified the breakfast cheese market as being highly profitable in relation to other diary segments. As such, it was looking to expand its business in this category. Ramak’s objective was to establish themselves as a key market player by carving out a strong and viable position in the market; servicing yet unmet consumer needs; and creating new market segments.