About Certius

Certius is a full service consultancy for the Iranian market

Our Background & Values

Certius is a consultancy which helps companies identify and assess business opportunities, establish their business in Iran, define business winning strategies, and thrive over the long-term. We are a team of senior European and Iranian professionals with a wide range of management and consulting experience, across both a number industries and geographies.

Guided by our core values of integrity, business competency, and service excellence, we have a history of  supporting local and international companies in the Iranian market. This puts us in a unique position to help your business thrive.

Unlock the Potential of the Iranian Market

With an underserved market of 78 million ready to spend consumers, and the Middle East’s second largest economy, Iran represents an untapped opportunity for many businesses. Brand adoption and an appetite for innovation are also characteristics of the country’s culture, with over 60% of the population under the age of 30, and one of highest ratios of education in the region.

A promising year on year GDP growth outlook of over 4%, an educated, aspiring workforce, and limited competition, clearly indicates that now is a great time to grow your business in Iran. Additionally, with the country’s opportunities outweighing any difficulties posed, businesses who act now will reap the rewards by carving out strong market positions.

It remains however crucial to recognise both the complexities and intricacies involved in harnessing the potential Iran has to offer. This is where Certius can help. Our expert knowledge and intimate understanding of the market, and its challenges, will undoubtedly help mitigate ‘emerging market’ and Iran specific issues that new entrants to the market are likely to face.

Other dnaunion Companies

We work with a wider group of high caliber, Iranian-based, professional agencies in the marketing, research and communication space. Together, we deliver high quality services, of international standards, for the Iranian market.

AAV Marketing School
AAV Marketing School is an educational institution aiming to provide essential and professional experience to those who seek skill-based growth in the marketing industry.
Advertising Magazine
Advertising Magazine is the only industry-specific magazine in Iran focusing on advertising and public relations.
Behshaad is an integrated healthcare marketing service priding itself on its expertise and strategic vision, and guaranteeing success for any kind of healthcare brand.
Specialising in non-media related promotional campaigns, DMN optimises product visibility, familiarizes customers directly with products, and generates target audience brand awareness.
As a market research company, EMRC helps its clients make informed decisions, providing them with customised reports and analysing qualitative and quantitative data.
Eshareh is one of Iran’s most distinguished advertising agencies, focused on conceiving and implementing advertising campaigns and providing strategic consultation to top-tier firms.
Composed of a highly skilled team of professionals that offer ideation in addition to content,Lemon Co. specialises in producing television commercials and short films.
Magnolia provides a comprehensive range of marketing communications services to both domestic and international clients, presenting insights on the Iranian market at both a local and national level.
Providing accurate, transparent, impartial, and informative takes on domestic and international events, mbanew.ir is a highly frequented news and analysis website, publishing news, reports and critiques in the realm of advertising and marketing.
Media Sources
Media Sources specialise in buying and selling media for advertising purposes, boasting a long track record in growing relationships with domestic, regional, and international advertising networks.
Mideast Solutions
Mideast Solutions gives its clients a competitive edge in campaigns that span multiple local markets, through its connections with international players and online ad networks.
Through the use of digital tools and services, Xerotex are able to help businesses advance or establish communication strategies, shape corporate identities, and plan and implement marketing communications programmes.

Our Team

We harness the talents and experiences of an empowered, forward-thinking team of experts, to deliver high quality services, for both local and international businesses in Iran.

Nasser Pashapour Nikoo
Dr. Gerhard Barcus
Managing Partner
Ramin Khabirpour
Senior Advisor
Günther Jörg
Senior Advisor
Sriram Thiagarajan
Director Sales Consulting
Noushin Kazemian
Senior Consultant
Zahedeh Alimardani
Research Consultant

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