Ramak Dairy Category Strategy

Create New Market Space to Strengthen Market Position

The Work
Exploit Gaps in the Market to Cover Underserved Consumer Needs

Certius performed a sound analysis of the market, Ramak’s competitors, trade, and consumers; working with a leading consumer research agency to conduct a usage and attitude study. We then went on to analyse the strategies that make cheese companies successful in other advanced markets. This in turn allowed us to identify consumer needs that leading brands in other countries use to build powerful identities, but which are yet to be exploited in Iran. The core of our business strategy was to take advantage of this new market space, where consumer where largely underserved by other producers. Building on this, we were then able to create innovative solutions to serve this new market space. We defined new category concepts along new benefit areas and configured strong brand bundles to effectively serve consumer needs and build new business.

The Impact
An Innovative Strategy to Create a New Market Space

Certius defined a tailor-made market strategy for Ramak’s cheese business, complementing this with a detailed business plan and phased implementation roadmap. At its core, the strategy encompassed the creation of a new market space, targeting sizeable and highly profitable consumer segments, whilst serving consumer needs which are relevant to Iranian consumers but not yet met by the activities of existing incumbents.

Mohammad Hashempur
Marketing Manager, Ramak Dairy

“CERTIUS led us through an excellent inspiring and very productive strategy process. We were specially impressed by their ability to identify international best practice of cheese strategy. CERTIUS helped us along the way conducting ideation workshops with the team to helped us identify and select new product concepts based on existing market opportunities. CERTIUS team are professional and they deliver always on-time and support us with all aspect of this project even beyond the deliverables of the project.”