Fouman Chimie Behdasht Brand Strategy

Work with International Partners to Deliver a Global Best Practice Brand Strategy

The Work
Build a Bridge between International Agencies and the Iranian Market

Certius participated as a member of the project team, supporting Fouman Chimie Behdasht across a variety of areas. This included:

  • Ensuring effective communication with the UK based agencies.
  • Providing the brandgym and Coley Porter Bell teams with the necessary degree of understanding of the Iranian market and consumer.
  • Making sure the international agency’s work conformed to the needs of the Iranian market and effectively connected with targeted Iranian consumer segments.
  • Conducting market research in Iran to validate and improve brand positioning and design work.
The Impact
Overcome Intercultural Challenges to Deliver the Best Possible Result for the Caspian Brand

Certius helped Fouman Chimie Behdasht work with international agencies to ensure the smooth delivery of a project which posed significant intercultural challenges. We were also able to provide Fouman Chimie Behdasht with valuable support, and helped bridge the inevitable gap in cultural, market and consumer understanding. The outcome of this was the effective delivery of a new brand design and positioning, as well as the best possible result for the Caspian brand.