P&G Marketing & Advertising Workshop

Establish Best Practice Advertising Principles to Connect with Iranian Consumers

The Work
Analysing Successful Brands & Creative Executions

Certius analysed 6 years of advertising of 24 successful brands, covering over 350 creative executions across various media, including TV, billboard, magazine and digital, considering the execution and the in-market performance of the brands. We also interviewed advertising and consumer research experts to complete our analysis.

The Impact
Striking a Balance Between Localisation & the Appeal of an International Identity

Advertising which engages the Iranian consumer is based on local insights and sometimes on cultural insights. It taps into Iranians’ desires and dreams. We discovered how simple, rational benefits strengthen most brands’ appeals and that strong reasons to buy are needed to lend the claims credibility. International brands need to strike a fine a balance between the appeal of their international identity and localisation. We also identified important executional elements which make advertising in Iran stronger. Based on our access to quantitative media usage data and campaign media KPIs we could also establish which media mixes are used by successful brands. We created a summary of learnings and a toolkit for brand and communication managers. We shared and discussed our findings in a workshop with P&G managers.

Russell Mackie
Insights Leader, Procter&Gamble IMEA

“CERTIUS delivered beyond our expectations. They delivered on the brief, but also went beyond to add their own “magic”. The insights they generated were mind-opening and challenged our way of thinking, which is exactly what we wanted.  They brought together experts from multiple fields of advertising, market research as well as using hard data which was impressive. Throughout the entire project the Certius team was professional, on-time and on-task. An excellent investment.”