A Multinational Beverage Company Sales Strategy

Strategy Recommendations for Routes into the Iranian Market

The Work
Define the Optimal Market Entry Options for Our Client

Certius analysed retail audit data of the beverage market and its various segments, conducting both extensive desk research and utilising various other sources, including government bodies. Additionally, we collected and analysed consumer insights, data on industry advertising and media, whilst also interviewing a total of 25 top managers across various beverage companies, trade distributors, and industry associations. We then used the insight gained from each of these sources to successfully map possible market entry points for beverage companies.

The Impact
Identify & Assess Possible Routes to Market

The output of this research was firstly a macro market assessment of the Iranian beverage market, encompassing: socioeconomic, cultural and political frameworks for business in Iran; insights on Iranian consumer segments and national demographics; a summary of the media landscape and costs; and an overview of current sanctions and legal frameworks for investing in Iran.

Furthermore, we also provided a detailed analysis of the Iranian beverage market. This including an assessment of the current market size and structure; an analysis of existing competitors; trade and channel evaluation; and a top line consumer analysis.

The final output of our work focused on providing our client with recommendations for potential market entry points including: general best practices for Iranian market entry; strategic market entry options; possible routes to market; a proposed product and brand portfolio; and opportunity sizing and risk assessment.