Avin Ride Hailing App

The Winning Business Strategy

The Work
Understanding Market Conditions & How to Position for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

In order to define a winning business and marketing strategy, Certius performed in-depth interviews with Avin managers and stakeholders to understand the company’s key capabilities and competencies, and identify potential sources of strategic advantages. Next, we assessed current market conditions by conducting qualitative and quantitative studies of passengers, corporate customers and drivers. This allowed Certius to gain a unique understanding of the market’s current competitive features, as well as the expectations of users and drivers. We then validated this analysis against secondary research on the best practices of international transport apps such as Uber and Lyft. Certius also held an internal workshop with Avin’s managers to define the relevant concepts. All the selected concepts were then checked with the Avin technical team and then validated through further quantitative study. Finally, we identified and interviewed thought-leaders and experts in online businesses. This allowed us to establish best practice for processes and helped us identify an ideal CRM system for the new business.

The Impact
The Optimal Market Positioning & Supporting Strategy Execution

Rather than directly competing with market incumbents, Certius made the recommendation that Avin instead position themselves to target the underserved B2B market, whilst opportunistically taking market share from their B2C competitors. To help Avin execute on this, Certius defined the key features that a B2B ride hailing service needs to succeed and dominate the market. We also worked closely with Avin to develop a business model, multi-year business plan and marketing and sales plan for both B2B and B2C. We also helped them develop their team’s marketing organisation and processes, and supported the company in getting the best out of advertising and branding agencies.