Ramak Dairy Market Research & Intelligence

Market Research & Intelligence to Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The Work
Establish Appropriate Methodologies for Insights Gathering

Our work began firstly by performing an assessment of Ramak Diary’s current capabilities and comparing these to other companies. This involved analysing their current corporate intelligence system and data quality, before benchmarking this against established international best practice.

Next, we scrutinised and defined key requirements for the data and insights Ramak Dairy needed to produce. This allowed us to recommend appropriate methodologies for data gathering and analysis. After this we evaluated the various data providers and market research companies, comparing them on cost and data quality. We then quantified the yearly cost of the market research and market intelligence plan and recommended ways to optimise return on investment.

The Impact
Provide a Clear Understanding of the Data Required & How to Acquire it

Our work provided Ramak Dairy with a clear understanding of the types of external data it requires to effectively manage its business, as well as how to procure the best quality data available, at a reasonable cost. Ramak is now able to follow a yearly market research and marketing intelligence plan which enables it to see further and more precisely than competitors, providing it with a key competitive advantage.

Mohammad Nasiri
Strategy Manager, Ramak Dairy

“CERTIUS opened a new way of thinking for us, as today market research is a powerful tool for us to taking stronger steps ever than before to develop the position and business of Ramak brand. Market research and consumer intelligence have broken with our traditional way of doing market research and other activities such as design, advertising, consumer promotion, etc. are done based on consumer insight understanding and It has created a right understanding of the effects of competitor’s activities and the overall business environment in the organization. CERTIUS has created an insight and market research master plan which covers all our needs and helps us become more competitive.”