Market Research & Consumer Insight

Facilitate Informed Decision Making

We believe that effective management requires a profound understanding of your consumers; responding quickly to dangerous competition calls for comprehensive competitive intelligence; and adequate data quality is essential for sound business and marketing analysis, and performance measurement. We help your business acquire the right data and insights to facilitate informed tactical and strategic decision making.

Case Studies

Ramak Dairy Market Research & Intelligence

For all businesses, market research and intelligence are consistently required to make informed strategic decisions, identify and mitigate risk, and determine new and emerging business opportunities. Unfortunately, it is often the case that data in the Iranian market has limited availability and can often be imprecise. This means that producing useful business insights can often require a specific approach to marketing intelligence.

Ramak, a Shiraz based leading dairy company in the South of Iran, did most of its market research internally, but were unable to produce many of the insights they needed. The challenge for Ramak was how to procure sufficient and reliable external data.