Marketing & Brand Strategy

Adapt Your Brand to Local Circumstances

It is widely accepted that there can be fundamental differences between consumers across different countries. Their values; attitudes towards certain categories; level of trust; and general preferences, can vary greatly. At Certius, we help companies adapt their brand mixes and marketing strategies to local circumstances.

Case Studies

P&G Marketing & Advertising Workshop

P&G believes in consumer centric communication in order to build strong brands locally. However, because consumers are not the same across the world, P&G wanted to understand how to craft communication that is locally relevant to Iranian consumers. Hence the overall question was “What are the keys to great Iranian advertising?”


  • Which insights connect with the consumer?
  • Which ways the brand benefit is best shown?
  • Which creative tools and executional elements resonate with consumers?

This required thorough understanding of the local consumer and the landscape of advertising in Iran.