Overcome the Sales ‘Bottleneck’

For many FMCG businesses, getting products into the hands of customers and end-customers presents a major challenge. With hyper and supermarket outlets covering only a minor share of the market sales in almost every mass consumption category, Certius helps your business answer the key route-to-market questions regarding: identifying the most efficient sales and distribution system; finding the best way to achieve the necessary mass coverage; and analysing the tradeoffs of building your own sales force versus working with distributors.

Case Studies

An International Beverage Company RTM Model

A leading international beverage manufacturer, with a long history of operating in Iran, was in the process of re-defining its market approach. As part of their new plan, they were looking to take more direct control over their sales operations. They were however unclear as to the best approach and management strategy for modern trade, and hotel, restaurant, and cafe channels